I work for my monies -- I think.

If you have your doubts about David having a job - I submit to you these photographs.

Here we have the building that I work in. This is the comic book building... I mean Sequential Art. Do note the recent construction what plagues my parking efforts.

Note how we are clearly labeled above the door. To avoid most certain danger, within these doors waits an elderly (or overweight) security guard who will either be way too concerned about checking your SCAD ID, or just unconcerned enough to make you feel a little concerned.

And my office in all it's splendor. The discerning eye will note the antiquated slide carrousel. I spent the bulk of my first term in search of a slide projector in this department that actually worked. That one finally gave out on me.

Coming soon - something else.


Four and Five

It's taking me forever to do this easy little book. Here are pages four and five. Five isn't even finished yet. I don't like that house. Herman's house looked fine in the comic strips, but in this larger format it seems too simple.



So, I feel super guilty about not posting since the new year. Which means I'm not spending enough time on drawing this book. That's over 2 weeks ago. I admit that I'm spending all of my time working on school stuff (that IS what I'm paid to do).
I've got to learn to better organize my time.
I do have two new penciled pages to post here, but I'll do that tomorrow. I will spend more time on this book. I will. Work comes first, though...