The Jenkins' Lawn

I haven't done very much in the way of postable work - so here is something from my sketchbook.

I'm still working on my History Class - which has all but destroyed me.

I hope to finish the script on my next gobnobble story and then get to work drawing it so I can really start to write the Morris Moonshine Murder story.


Adventures on Turkey Creek.

Thank so much to everyone who has expressed their concerns for Kristie.

Here's something for you to look at.

I'm working on drawing a new story before the end of the year - it's another story with the same characters. While I'm drawing that I'm writing a much longer story (I dare not use the phrase 'graphic novel' when I know it's just a comic). It is a much more serious story about a 1950s 'murder' mystery that happened around where I grew up. I took a few days to go back home and try and get some reference and understanding of the area. Much of the trip was about family history, too.

My dad and I wondered the woods and creeks for the better part of a day - I dubbed our quest 'Adventures on Turkey Creek', my mom helped me in the library combing through microfilm, my grandparents cleared me up on a few places that I wasn't quite sure about, Brent (Maze) helped me find a few places, Kristie's grandmother gave me some information on local history (in addition to what my parents already gave me). I am in debt to them all and I am sure I'll be asking for more help later. The research department at the Linn-Henley building in Birmingham helped too.

I present to you a small sampling of the many images taken last week. Nothing too fancy.

Click to see what David's talking about...


Back to Savannah.

I spent the last week in Alabama working on a bit of research for a book I'm going to do next year. (I'll post a bit of that pretty soon).

My trip ended abruptly when I had to come home to see about Kristie who found herself in a wreck. It was pretty rough, but she's fine. My little red truck was on the news.

I thank God Kristie was okay, and that Kevin was able to come take care of her while I made the six and a half hour drive. He also took these pictures. Special thank to Kevin and April.