International French-Language Comics Conference

In November I got to travel to Ohio to participate in the International French-Language Comics Conference.  

I always enjoy doing these sort of academic conferences.  It was great to see a few of the people I met at ICAF (CCS) last year. It was also great to meet lots of new scholars, authors, and auteurs.

The campus at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio is so much different than SCAD. Sometimes I forget how unique SCAD is and what it's really like to be  on a traditional college campus.

Mark McKinney did a great job putting the event together. Many of us noted how well synced the panels were--rather than just being grouped randomly.

I think I see David Beronä at every conference I attend. It's always a treat to catch up. He took the pics of me while I gave my presentation.

Here's Michelle Bumatay giving her presentation.

Carmina Sanchez-del-Valle's presentation was one of my favorites for sure. All of these scholars had such wonderful talks. I wish I had taken photos of them all.

Every academic conference should have piano accompaniment from Randy Scott, MSU Comics Librarian. 

It was a wonderful conference and I was proud to be a part of it.