Addie May's Grave - Unsolved Mysteries

Here's a little bit from a story I just did for an anthology that former grad student Emi Gennis is editing for Hic Hoc Publications about Unsolved Mysteries.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to make a story about. I wanted to do something that was close to my home town. As you can see I did almost 20 different panel layouts trying to figure out a 4-page story.

I lettered this with a cintiq--which is something that I'm trying to get better at. Here's a couple images of that process:

I don't know any of the publication details. If I end up in the book, I'll let you know all that info when I find it out.



Another little sketch from France.



Generation X: Mutants Made-To-Order

I am excited about some research that I'm going. I had a proposal approved to write an academic article about the 1990s X-Men comic series Generation X. The essay is for a book that correlates X-Men titles with the Era in which they were created. Generation is my favorite X book of all time, so it seemed perfect to explore. I've got a little while to work on so I'm to take my time. I have to have it done by May of next year.

The drawing above took way too long to do. Two nights' work. I never really considered how many characters were in that book. Nine in total here. L-R: Banshee, Jubilee, Chamber, Skin, Synch, Husk, Penance (fg), Mondo (bg), White Queen.

Here's the first couple sketches:

and a round of blue lines:


No Swimming

I worked on a short story for my friend Luis' anthology. It's a themed anthology called Decadente. Stories were to in some way address the idea of "The End Of The World".  I was honored to be invited to participate.

Here's snippet of my comic:

My story is only two pages long. I was doing good to get it done at all. You will be able to read my entire story--in addition to countless others--in the book once it is published. I will keep you posted.


A Good Man

Joel and I started a band. It's called A Good Man. Matt is our bass player now. So it's a trio, really. We've only played a couple shows.

I wasn't in Savannah when Joel recorded the first album, but I do all the artwork. 

We did a limited edition run of discs with hand-pulled 3-color booklets. Only $6. This was a lot of fun--I really want to do more stuff like this. 

Here's the shirt design. It's a steam-powered car-boat. I've got the screen made--I just need to get around to printing them.

I also have a fancy big poster design all ready to print (screen made and paper cut) that I'm really excited about. 


DEEP Anthology

Chair of SEQA Anthony Fisher was working with a local middle school on a project called DEEP. I can't remember all the details of the program (because it was a few years ago that it started up). Recently they put an anthology together of poetry written by the middle schoolers and illustrations by SCAD folk. I chose two poems to illustrate--sadly I can't find the copies of the poem with the student names. One poem was entitled "Whisper Night."

The other was called "I Hate My Costume."

Here are some of the sketches that went into the process.