All finished with this story. (Click image to read it - or the sidebar) Tomorrow begins the annual trip to San Diego Comic Con International blah blah. I'll spend today getting ready - packing, making copies, making books, etc.


Six pages.

I've got six pages done (sort of). No letters yet. ten more to go.
Notice that I'm not going to ink them - graphite only, thank you.

Who wants to mow my lawn?


Bunny Hides from the Rain.

It's raining here in Savannah. Bunny (our kittie) doesn't much like the rain. So she hides under me while I work on stuff.

Kristie's family have finally been given the okay to travel home - so the house is back to normal (as normal as can be expected). Kittie handled the vistors pretty well, but I can tell she's glad to have the house to herself again.

Me? I'm drawing with my left hand and typing my Survey of Sequential Art E-Learning Course Development stuff with my right.

I'd rather just watch more Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (my new favorite cartoon).