Back to the Moonshine... For a little while, at least.

I've only got a few weeks before the SCAD Fall quarter starts up again. I'm already up to my receding hairline in paperwork for the forthcoming school year. I'm still trying to wrap up assessment stuff from last spring.

Since I got back from San Diego I've traveled back to Alabama for Kristie's brother's wedding, I've been fighting a nasty cold (a post-San Diego tradition), entertaining guests (my parents came in for an extended weekend), dealing with SCAD paperwork, prepping for classes (I'm re-working a few of the courses I'm teaching) and other such distracting endeavors.

I hope to get as much done on this Moonshine story as I can while I'm out of class. You can see one of the more recent pages on the desk above. I've got another project that I'm hoping to start up with a friend in Alabama. I need something to give me a break on this big project. I don't realistically see myself finishing it for at least a year or two. I'm counting on at least one more summer to work on it, maybe two. Given that amount of time, I imagine that a side project would keep me sane. I'm really looking forward to it.

I've read most of the books I got from San Diego. Maybe I will take the time to write a review of one or two of them. I'm back to reading the Cerebus collection - which I hope to finish before classes being. I'm up to Rick's Story, so I don't know if I'll make it but I'll get close.

Kristie's still plugging away on stuff for her show. We're both sick of this summer heat. I hope to find myself in Atlanta next summer. I want to teach for a quarter at SCAD-Atlanta. I don't think I'll get a chance to teach the Survey of Sequential Art class here in Savannah any time soon (except as an online class). I think they'd let me teach it up there if I can get enough people to take it. Maybe I could teaching some other basic course up there as well to give Shawn the opportunity to teach something else he'd like to run. I guess we'll see.

I'm officially on Jabber these days under the scad sanctioned id: daduncan@im.scad.edu
If feel inclined to say hello, feel free.



Well. I've finally began to organize my rss subscriptions in a formal way. I must say that I am enjoying it. 

I think all webcomics should be broadcast on some sort of rss or atom or whatever else sort of 'feed.' one could imagine. I find that I am able to actively check all of the newssites, blogs, webcomics, and such (that I so often neglect).

The one side effect is that when I find that one of my regular checks doesn't have a RSS feed, then I get flustered. If you run a web comic or a blog I want to read that doesn't have an RSS feed, you should get on that now. I won't name names (Jarrett, Barbara, Seth, Meghan).