Dark Horse Article for ACRL.

This summer I met with Kimberly Willson-St. Clair of the Portland State University Library and we talked about their acquisition of the Dark Horse Comics Archives. I'm quoted about 2/3 of the way into the article.

TOKYO 09 - Day 16

Time to go back...

Ray sleeps in the ATL airport--the second of two particularly long layovers:

I'm still jet-lagged...

TOKYO 09 - Day 15

I was super sick and had not even planned on going on today's trip. I thought that I should stay in so that I wouldn't get even worse. But I went anyway. We were going to a place that I had never been before, so I had to go, in spite of the rain.

I was so sure that I wasn't going on the trip that I forget to get my camera. I had to steal all of these from Ray.

Here's the ride to Odaiba:

We went to Miraikan, the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (future museum)

The View from Decks & Aqua City:

Little Hong Kong:

Dove takes a ride:

Dove and Jason pose for Ray from inside an odd mexican restaurant (that had neither beans nor cheese):
That's Rainbow Bridge in the background.

TOKYO 09 - Day 14

We took the student to the Zoo in Ueno Park.

We then walked around Ueno.

Here's some high school students drawing:

TOKYO 09 - Day 13

The Tokyo National Museum, which has always been cool, was a complete bust. There was no special exhibition while we were there, the awesome tea gardens were closed, and 75% of the permanent collection was closed. It was in this museum that I first found my favorite Japanese ice-cream treat: Coolish.

A second story hot-dog shop in Akihabara with a traditional Japanese Christmas Lump.
At about 4" high, taking up about 1/4 of the entire restaurant, the Christmas Lump was actually closer to our table than I.


TOKYO 09 - Day 12

It's a free day for the students (except for the Visual Development for Theme Design students--they have gone to Tokyo Disney: a sort of replica of DisneyLand), so Ray and I walk to the Japanese Sword Museum close to Yoyogi Park.

Then we walked around, finding several temples.

This was outside the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum.

Shinjuku in general:

In the Bathroom at the Tokyu Hands in Takashimaya Times Square:

In the Bathroom at KiddieLand in Harajuku:

Decorations in Harajuku: