ICAF 2014

I will be speaking at the International Comics Art Forum at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. The same place I were I worked this Summer as part of an Internship.

I will be giving an edited version of the paper I wrote for my first M.A Art History course (Art DiFuria's Historiography): "Daumier's Deadline: Expedited Expressiveness and the Franco-Belgian Cartooning Tradition."

This is my second time to speak at ICAF. I spoke at the 2011 Conference.


Halloween 2014

Kristie and I made pieces for the Savannah Dick Blick Halloween show. They were giving out frames at an earlier event, so it seemed like a thing to do.
 I did a couple pumpkins making a bad pun.
I was almost done with the painting before I decided which pun to use. I can't even recall the other puns I considered...

 Here's Kristie and Ollie at the show:
She won 3rd place adult for her piece. It lit up. It's barely visible here.


John Lowe's Foundations in Comic Book Art

Friend and colleague John Lowe recently completed his comics textbook for Watson-Guptill. It's called Foundations in Comic Book Art: Fundamental Tools and Techniques for Sequential Artist.

On page 68, Lowe uses a photo he took of me at the 2012 Mini-Comic Expo as visual research for a story about a fellow named 'David Duncan' who is framed for murder in 1920's New York. 

Have my mail forwarded to Blackwell's Island.


Ages of the X-Men Book

I wrote and article for The Ages of the X-Men, a book of essays that correlate X-Men comics to the time periods in which they were published (or represent).

On pages 128 - 144 you'll find the final version of my essay on Generation X:


Kevin Cannon visit to SCAD

During the Winter 2014 quarter, I was able to invite cartoonist Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic down as part of the Mini-Comics Expo. Athena was a able to convince him to come down. We do an expo once a year. It's my big event for the year.

As part of his visit Kevin gave a lecture at the Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation (my favorite place to host a lecture--it has a little chapel for speakers). So I got to introduce his talk.


Silas the Alien: In the Briny Deep

This is a little mini-comics that I made for my Mini-Comics class. We are doing an inter-campus exchange. The SCAD sequential art department at the following campuses: Savannah, Atlanta, and Lacoste are all exchanging minis (just a quarter-size letter/a4 page, which gives you 6 pages of comic plus a front and back cover). Each student makes around 60 copies of their comic (easy to print on campus since it's only a single sheet front a back--cost is nil) and in turn each will receive 60 comics from the other students. I think I will try and organize this exchange each Winter Quarter.

Admittedly I crapped this one out pretty fast. Here's the pencils: