And Also Much Cattle.

Scott and I finalized the script on our comics project. We've been working on it for almost 3 years I think. He lives in Alabama, so we've been working slower than I wish we could. 

 There are about 70 scenes total in the entire story. It's going to be a massive project and is the most solid thing that I've ever worked on.

It will soon be the primary project in my comics-making life. We've been finalizing the character designs for a couple weeks now. 


It's Toboggan Time

I made a Christmas card this past year.Two-color screenprint on craft-cardstock.

See--it's a pun on toboggans... In the SouthEast, they are hats. Everywhere else it's a sled.


So much, so much!

So much has been happened since my trip to White River Junction for ICAF back in September.
The next few post will just be a recap of what all has been going on.