San Francisco Report.

I spend this past weekend in San Francisco. I knew I was in San Francisco (because I got on the right plane and) because the buildings looked like this:

Plus you can see boats in the bay from China Town.

I didn’t take many pictures at the exhibition (because it seems particularly unprofessional in a setting where I’m trying to be as less of a dork as possible).

I had to get a picture of Mike in his mini-comic felt sandwich board:

…as well as this fun drawing on the side of a building.

I was able to talk to many people there (artists and editors and such), and felt really good about the show. APE is the nicest convention that I’ve ever been to. San Diego Comic Con is a great event, but it’s such a circus. APE is a bit more focused and laid back. I was able to talk to editors about coming out for SCAD’s Editors’ Day next spring, and a few artists about Comic Arts Forum in the fall

It seems odd to visit San Francisco because so many of my friends are out there. Patrick (my best man) is still living out there (when he’s not doing lighting design for a traveling show). I got to meet his girlfriend, who is lovely. She designs fancy clothes and owns her own business. We all met on Saturday night and went out for some fancy sushi and Andie met us there. Andie is living in San Francisco while Natasha works on a documentary for a few months. I think they should move to Savannah, but that’s just my opinion.

Then on Sunday night we met Ian, his girlfriend, and his sister. All lovely people. We had some Mexican/South American tapas. Mmmm.

The worst part of the trip was flying back on the plane of course. It was an all day thing.

Now I'm back to working on SCAD paperwork. Ugh.

Getting Ready for APE.

I silk-screened the covers to my book for APE. I had to have Kristie help hang the prints as I pulled them. She also took these pictures.

Notice the FLCL poster on the wall. I had to use my laptop for music since I don’t have a decent sound setup in the garage. The garage is more spacious that it looks.

Don’t ask about the mess I made in the bathroom when I was exposing the screen… We don’t talk about it around the house.

You can read the story here:

I’ve got to figure out a way to keep these files from looking so pixilated online.



Saturday Mike and I travelled up to Athens for the Fluke mini-comics festival. I must say that the show seemed much better than last year. Still a good turn out, but the quality of the work seemed to rise a bit.

Several scad kids were present including Mike (seen above),

Kevin and Tyler (Tyler didn't exhibit),

Jon (and what's-her-name),


and Alex.

Those not pictured, but present include: Joe, Barbara, Pranas, Amy, Andrew, and probably someone else I'm forgeting. There were several other scad kids there but weren't exhibiting.

It was a fun show, just as before. After the show we hung out at Drew and Eleanor's little home for quite a while. As to be expected this was delightful. Many thanks to both of them for being so wonderfully hospitable and warm (the transition from the cold night into their heated house was easily the best experience of the chilly night). They have at least one really nice cat - the other I didn't have much a conversation with. It was nice meeting Yoder, Robert, Patrick and Chris Wright. A perfectly delightful evening indeed.


Our cat may not live through the day...

This is why cartoonists who have cats should never leave the lid off the ink when they step away from the drawing.
I've spent the last hour and a half cleaning up cat prints.