The Boulangerie Bibliothèque in Lacoste

Here's a few little sketches that I did in France.

As part of the Travel Portfolio class I was teaching we drew the inside of the SCAD Library in Lacoste. It used to be a bakery. Why would a travel class just draw a library? Well, we couldn't really go anywhere because of serious snow.

We were focusing on Figures in Environments--not a project that every student liked...
I gave everyone a stack of small paper (all the same size)Each student had to draw two horizontal and two vertical compositions that included figures. So what we ended up with was almost one hundred drawings of each other drawing each other in a relatively confined space.

While Kristie was in Lacoste she arranged the drawings into a grid that we glued to a heavy piece of fabric to display during the final exhibition. Here's Christoph helping me hang it.