Rushmore Peanuts

Here’s a little Rushmore drawing. I saw a submissions call for Wes Anderson zine content, and wanted to do this drawing. I’ll probably get around to coloring it sometime. The call was for B&W, so that’s where I ended up.

(L-R): Max Fischer (Charlie Brown), Magnus Buchan and Sidekick (Pig Pen), Dr. Gugenheim (Schroeder), Ronny Blume (3), Bert Fischer (Freda), Mr. Little Jeans (Snoopy), Margaret Yang (Violet), Dirk Calloway (Shermy), Dr. Flynn (5), Herman Blume (Linus), Donny (4), Rosemary Cross (Sally). 

There are quite a few Peanuts/Charlie Brown references within Wes Anderson’s films. Matt Zoller Seitz correlated the final shot of Rushmore with the dance sequence in A Charlie Brown Christmas—something I haven’t thought about.

Certainly not an original trope. A google search will yield fan art of various character sets arranged in the Peanuts format. At least mine has some sort of vague scholarly basis—albeit a “look, a thing like a thing” methodology.