San Diego - after the fact.

I realize it's a bit late (a week and a half) to be posting ComicCon stuff, but with other mess going on I'm doing good to be awake. Developing the eLearning course for scad is killing me - it just takes too long. Not to mention the round of malaria I suffered through last week - or the aweful trip home (being stuck overnight in texas) - I am officially boycotting American Airlines.
Enough complaining. The convention was good this year profession-wise, so that's good.

The day before the convention we went over to the Hotel del Coronado.

We walked over to the beach as well. I think it was more like we went to the beach and walked over to the hotel.

I noticed a feeble attempt to get grass to grow. I thought it was cute. Our grass grows faster here in Savannah than we can cut it.

Just as last year, we rode the trolly back and forth - just a little further this year. I have decided that San Diego is not for me. I don't like the town that much. I like San Francisco much more. Diego's a little too surfy and beachbummy.

Imagine this line of people times about 30 - then wrap it around the convention center, in the unusually hot and sweaty air. This is the line for those who didn't pre-register. 2 hour wait? 3?

This Bane goober was everywhere I looked. I saw him everyday.

It was great seeing people that I hadn't seen in a while, plus getting to meet lots of new folks. I always enjoy looking at all the cool comics artists out there. I must admit it's mostly nice to not be there for the same things 90% of attendees are. There's never a line to see the people I want to see and everyone wants to talk and likes seeing work and mini-comics.
My favorite finds this year? The Sam and Max sketchbook by Steve Purcell and a cool book from First Second - American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang.

I start a new story this week.


Anonymous said...

*patrick dies laughing*

Anonymous said...

haha. You deleted that spam comment i was laughing at... Now it just looks like i was laughing at your post. :O

Anonymous said...

da duncan. I need to get into another one of your classes. one day, I'll go to the san diego comicon. one day indeed.

Anonymous said...

from the b.clark

David Allan Duncan said...

Mr clark - your name came up in my grad class this week - rest assured it was mostly good things...

Anonymous said...

my name? in a grad class? yikes. is someone out to get me?