IT has been a very long time since I was able to take the time to update this thing. Since last I posted I have finished developing my history course for the most part. 150 pages of text and 500 scanned iamges later, all I have to do to finish is write captions for all those pictures - which is no small feat.

I've been putting all my focus on school work for the past few months. I'm teaching 5 classes, developing this on-line comics history class, and working as department assessment coordinator.
It's a busy time, but it's almost over. I've been honing these new classes that I'm teach, so that's really been the toughest thing.

Next week is a good week here in the Sequential department. On monday illustrator and comics artist Peter Kuper will be giving a lecture at the school's Red Gallery. Then on thursday comics guru Scott McCLoud will be giving a big fancy lecture at Trustee's Theatre. Plus, get this, my Graduate Studio class will be having a critique that day and Scott McCloud will be participaiting in it. What fun. I teach Studios I & II and Dove teached Studios III & IV. For this critique we will combine in to one class (about 20 students total). It should be fun.

My personal work as suffered greatly because of the history class and these other classes. I have manged to pencil 12 pages and ink one, but as soon as I can I want to blaze through this story and get started on my murder mystery so that I can have part of it ready to present at APE (scad is sending me out there) in late April.


Joe Bevill said...

Didn't know you had a blog.

I'm assuming random people can't sit in on the joint critique coming up? (or a Grad student class in general) I'm interested in seeing the grad students work here.

duncan said...

Hey. I doubt it, Joe. The room we're going to be in is way too small for 22 people, besides any other sort of concerns. You probably know more grad student work than you think you do.