Saturday Mike and I travelled up to Athens for the Fluke mini-comics festival. I must say that the show seemed much better than last year. Still a good turn out, but the quality of the work seemed to rise a bit.

Several scad kids were present including Mike (seen above),

Kevin and Tyler (Tyler didn't exhibit),

Jon (and what's-her-name),


and Alex.

Those not pictured, but present include: Joe, Barbara, Pranas, Amy, Andrew, and probably someone else I'm forgeting. There were several other scad kids there but weren't exhibiting.

It was a fun show, just as before. After the show we hung out at Drew and Eleanor's little home for quite a while. As to be expected this was delightful. Many thanks to both of them for being so wonderfully hospitable and warm (the transition from the cold night into their heated house was easily the best experience of the chilly night). They have at least one really nice cat - the other I didn't have much a conversation with. It was nice meeting Yoder, Robert, Patrick and Chris Wright. A perfectly delightful evening indeed.


Ashok Kizhepat said...
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Anonymous said...


duncan said...

Fluke indeed.

mj said...

Did I give you a star? I can't remember.

Joe Bevill said...

Yay Fluke! Yay Comics!

Anonymous said...

ya know...I came to Fluke in support of my fellow artists and to grace ya'll with my presence. I think that alone should be enough.

-Tyler N