Post Editors' Day - Time to write.

Well. Editors' Day has come and gone. Our department had a lovely bunch of visiting editors that came to visit with the students and review a crazy amount of portfolios. Marvel, DC/Vertigo, TokyoPop, Top Shelf, Alternative Comics, Nickelodeon Magazine, and Devil's Due were are represented. They all spoke highly of the professionalism of our students and how receptive they were of criticism and compliment.

It was good to see Chris Staros and James Lucas Jones again. Very nice fellows. And Mike O'Sullivan is always a hoot and a half. It's great to be able to bring all of the editors in to the department.

Kristie is super busy getting ready for her ICE show in June in Atlanta. I doubt that I'll be able to go up with her because SCAD graduation is that same day. As always I must put my job before family.

Julie's show Whigmaleerie is up at the Gallery Espresso and the reception is this Thursday from 6-8pm. If you are in town, you should stop by. Her work is lovely.

Me? I've been doing a great deal of writing. I'm planning another research trip back home to Alabama next week. I need to have my story completely fleshed out before then so I can know what I need to get while I'm there. This will probably be my last chance to really finish my planning on this story before I get to work on it. I want to have it started well before San Diego Comic Con in late July. I've spent almost the last year researching and planning for this story and I will probably spend the next year (or more) drawing it. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a cruddy book.

This story is very important to me and since it's based on so much speculation and unproven theories I'm having to construct a 'definitive' version for myself of what may have happened to those missing boys in 1956. It tough because sometimes I find contradicting elements that I think are both interesting, but I don't want it to be a multiple choice story (like Hollywoodland), so I have to choose one over the other. I then have to try and make it make sense with all of the other elements. I'm used to writing stories with characters that sort of write themselves. I'm not used to juggling so much action and plot and information.

Any who. Since Kristie and got to go see Meet the Robinsons, I've been enamored with the film. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to whoever thinks that it might not be a good film. I thought it was lovely. Not just because it was in 3D either.

I must get back to writing.

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