From Dallas Fort Worth.

Once again, as is custom, I am trapped overnight in Dallas/Forth Worth on my way back from San Diego Comic Con.  This time it's a much nicer hotel, but no food voucher. ugh. I'm looking forward to getting back to Savannah and back to a regular schedule of work and such. I am also looking forward o shaving my beard - it is out of control.


Anonymous said...


Im really digging the pages you've posted, professor-man. I am also jealous that you got to attend ComicCon (although I have never attended a con). Are there animals living in your beard? If not, it's not time yet to shave it..

I've been checking out some of the artists in your links, and I'm fairly set on the idea of doing lots of comics/minicomics. I've ordered a bunch from some of them too.

What's going to go down in Alternative Comics?

Hope all is well sir Duncan. Safe travels.

duncan said...

Ah, Mr. Clark. Are you going to be in my Alternative & Experimental Comics class? The class will explore alternative and experimental forms of comics drawing as well as narrative structure. Some assignments will focus on the formal (visual) component of the comic, some will focus on the storytelling aspect of the comic, and some will explore both. You will be doing things in ways that you would probably never do on your own. This is a good class for students who may feel stuck in the same style of drawing or storytelling. You can also expect a fair amount of alt comics history and such. I think it's a really fun class.