Well. I've finally began to organize my rss subscriptions in a formal way. I must say that I am enjoying it. 

I think all webcomics should be broadcast on some sort of rss or atom or whatever else sort of 'feed.' one could imagine. I find that I am able to actively check all of the newssites, blogs, webcomics, and such (that I so often neglect).

The one side effect is that when I find that one of my regular checks doesn't have a RSS feed, then I get flustered. If you run a web comic or a blog I want to read that doesn't have an RSS feed, you should get on that now. I won't name names (Jarrett, Barbara, Seth, Meghan).


Isaac Klunk said...

I don't think I really get this whole thing. Like, the way I understand RSS feeds, you can subscribe to a blog to add it to a little list in a menu in internet explorer, and then click that list and menu to go back to it at any time, which is exactly what my favorites list already does with blogs. What am I missing?...

Joe Bevill said...

With the RSS feed it shows the individual posts though, so you'll know when it's been updated.

Tom Lyle said...

I feel like:
"Uh ... what is RSS?"

But I'm afraid to ask.

I'm already stupid enough about technology.

(Can you explain?)

Totally Confused Tom Lyle

Lunarjarrett said...

yeah, i'm like Issac with the fave list. I'll look into this rss thingie more.