Tokyo Day 02 - Meiji, Nakano, & Akihabara

Our first full day in Tokyo. This is down from our hotel. We've walked around most of the day (all of the day).

Dove draws all the time. Here he draws some guy in the subway.

After taking care of business this morning we traveled to the Meiji Shrine, which was my favorite thing today.
It's an absolutely lovely place.
Before entering in the main shrine one must wash one' hands.

There was a shine of a different kind...

We also went to Nakano:

And after a trip back to the hotel, we made out way to Akihabara.

Dove draws some more (Ray looks on):

Sachi sorts through her cards.

I love the advertising and public warnings in the subway.

More subway.

Here's a store the sales a ridiculous array of screentone:

The amount of dojinshi produced and available is amazing:

Note in this manga shop how the are two sides shonen on one side and shōjo on the other.
I didn't see the "no cameras" icon until after I took the picture. I was asked to not use my camera.

Tomorrow Dove and I are to get lost on our own. We'll see if we make it back...


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