TOKYO 09 - Day 08

For his last workshop, Stan did a lovely watercolor demonstration for our students. It was exciting to see so many of them watercoloring later in the day--clearly inspired by his demo!

We're going to visit the Ghibli Studio on Monday, but we don't have enough room for all of the students to go--so we held a contest. Students created an illustration based on their experience/reference at the Edo Tokyo Museum, the artist chose the best and those will get to go. To notify those students I drew up 40 little tickets (whew!) that either said "Let's Go!" or "Sorry."

We then took the students to the Imperial Palace, but it was closed... oops--closed on fridays. We'll have to go another day.

Jaques had a great idea instead: Let's go to the Gokoku-Ji Temple and Cemetery. Nice save, Jaques! I'd never been before, so I took lots of photos.

Stan taking a picture of a lazy cat:

There's a cat:

There were quite a few cats at this temple:

Later on we took the artists (Stan, Bernard, & Mark) to Akasaka.

To have dinner at the Ninja Restaurant:

Crazy foods!

Tomorrow: Fish Market, Ghibli Museum (not studios), and Shinjuku.

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