Generation X: Mutants Made-To-Order

I am excited about some research that I'm going. I had a proposal approved to write an academic article about the 1990s X-Men comic series Generation X. The essay is for a book that correlates X-Men titles with the Era in which they were created. Generation is my favorite X book of all time, so it seemed perfect to explore. I've got a little while to work on so I'm to take my time. I have to have it done by May of next year.

The drawing above took way too long to do. Two nights' work. I never really considered how many characters were in that book. Nine in total here. L-R: Banshee, Jubilee, Chamber, Skin, Synch, Husk, Penance (fg), Mondo (bg), White Queen.

Here's the first couple sketches:

and a round of blue lines:

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