Dove McHargue asked me to help with the lettering on a project that he and Mark Schultz are working on. It's a sort of prequel to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea (the 1870 Jules Verne book). Dove started an earlier version of the project a few years ago. Now he and Mark and working out the narrative, Mark does a full script, Dove does the art, and I’m doing the lettering and typography.
The first order of business was to do a logo. First sketch:
I had intentions of finishing out the rest of the letters with cracks like on the bottom of the "O".
He said he was going for a greek/victorian vibe. So (perhaps in a too-obvious move) I used some greek letter forms as the basis for a set of letters. I gave dove a few options and narrowed it down. Dove had final choice:
In order to get the victorian vibe, I tried a bit of fabric pattern behind certain areas of of the letter forms. It didn’t make the final cut, though.
Here’s the final look in use by Dove:

I think the transparent elements are nice. Can I tell you how much I hate using Illustrator. Ugh. I just need to spend a few years using it, I guess.


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