HeroesCon 2013, Charlotte, NC

If I only go to one convention a year, it would have to be Heroes.

As usual, I was able to do a workshop. I missed doing it last year. Little Oliver was brand new in the world, so we just drove up to the con for a one-day visit (no work duties). It is always a blast doing a workshop at a convention:

I was also invited to be a part of panel of comic scholars on teaching comics in the classroom. The Panel was called Teaching Comics--The Canon--Second Volley. It was a great panel with a few people I knew already, and several new friends. Craig Fisher (from Appalachian State, who I was on a panel with at ICAF a few years ago), Mike Kobre (from Queens U.), Sterg Botzakis (University of TN), and Andrew Kunka (University of South-Carolina-Sumter) all joined me on the panel. The whole thing was moderated by Steve Saffel (Titan Books editor). Andy Menzel was all over this one, too. He’s the glue that holds all of HeroesCon together. Kristie was with Ollie (who was taking a nap) so I didn’t get any pictures of the Panel.

I think Ollie had fun this year. He dressed up as Superman (costume from his Nannie).

 Here he is with the always adorable McHargue triplets (ABC):

And here he is with a Jawa:

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