The Gobnobble blog Manifesto

I am a comic artist. I am also a professor. I am also a husband.

The purpose of this website is to allow the author to update his personal progress in comic work. The author realizes that blogs can very easily turn into sappy ‘what I did today’ diary drivel. The author hope to avoid this, but makes no promises.

The author is working on the art for the second full issue of PillowHead Todd, as well as other smaller comic related projects. By keeping this website he intends to provoke himself to get more work done.

One may notice that the new PillowHead story is in fact NOT new. The author is aware of this. He is continuing to retell the stories which were originally serialized in the University of Arizona Daily WildCat newspaper. Rest assured that the author has written and is currently writing further adventures to be told at a later date.

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Anonymous said...

Uhh, how many times did you self-reference in this one entry with the moniker "The author?"
I will not count!