Page one pencils...

We're in Alabama now for the holidays. Kristie and I seem to like traveling at night. It's just easier for us. But anywho... I've got the first page penciled for my new story. I'm doing this project a little different than my last - I'm going to be penciling the story in it's entirely before I ink it. I'm considering introducing gray-tones into this comic as well... I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

I always had this problem with painting. I enjoyed doing it, but every time I did a painting I would do in a completely different way. I would always change the process. It's good in some ways, but not so much when you're striving for consistency. My true problem isn't the changing of the process, but becoming so frustrated with each process that I'm reluctant to keep going in it. Morale stays low and so does productivity.

I'm hoping that I can get plenty of work on these pencils done while I'm here at home. I'm doing mental prep-work for my classes this coming winter term and trying to get a lot of reading done as well...

Here is my true problem: I sleep too much.

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