A new house and spring break goals...

So we've moved into our new house - we'll, all of our stuff is there. We'll be setting the place up for a while. Here's the front. Disregard the flag on the front of the house - we plan on taking it down. Not because we don't like the American flag,it's just that I'd rather not have ANY sort of flag sticking out of the middle of the front of the house. It's like a big long nose or something. We haven't got it down yet because the previous owner is coming back sometime to pick up a few things he left - he's millitary and I don't want to hurt his feelings.

This will be my studio - as you can tell. It's on the first floor (Kristie's work area will be upstairs next to the bedrooms). I've been unpacking books into bookshelves all day.

Here's a bird's eye view of our living room. Notice that we have all the same old furniture... Who can afford new couches when you just buy a house?

The back yard is the best part of the house. We've got a few nice big trees, lots of space and such. There's even a swing in one of the trees.

There's also a big workshop in the backyard - we're calling it the barn (to avoid confusion with the actual garage that's attached to the house). It's almost 500 sq. ft. plus there's a 2nd story for storage or whatever.The bottom floor will be 1/2 wood shop 1/2 ceramics studio. We're going to put a basketball goal on the outside (as the previous owner intended).

Now I've got a week and a half to work on stuff. Besides the fuss of working on the new home, I'm going to try and finish this book. Hardcore, huh? I want to have the pencils finished by this Sunday night so I can spend the next week lettering and inking. I guess I need to get started instead of typing on this thing...


Anonymous said...

You could have tidied up a bit before posting pictures for the world to see. Now everyone is thinking our brand new fancy house is a crapper.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man - the Barn is sweet! I so need a barn to append to my apartment (in fact, your barn has more square footage than my apartment on the ground floor)
YES, the flag has to go - I mean, I could understand if it was a purple and yellow and white "spring flag" but red, white and blue against doo-doo brown - it simply will not fly!
Many congrats on the house buy.
You'll have to give me your interior designer's card next time I see you - my place could use a face-lift.