Page 22.

Here's the last penciled page. I've still got to letter and ink them all... That'll take a little while now that I've started teaching again. I know I didn't get as much done during my break as I had hoped, but I think I did pretty good. My goal is to be able to put out 4 books a year.

I'm teaching a new class. There's also a bit of drama at work, which makes me very unsettled...


Anonymous said...

I am incredibly excited about your strip. let me know how to get each new issue. This page is nice, I very much prefer your outdoor scenes to your closeups and indoors. jamie

duncan said...

Hey Jamie!
I'm also not as fond of my indoor scenes... I gotta work that out... Suggestions? I miss having someone to really bounce ideas off of. It's easier to draw when I'm around other people who are also drawing... I see a great deal of really nice work here, but I see it when it's done, never while they're really doing it. Plus, I can't draw as school, I've got to teach and do stupid paperwork crap.