Adventures on Turkey Creek.

Thank so much to everyone who has expressed their concerns for Kristie.

Here's something for you to look at.

I'm working on drawing a new story before the end of the year - it's another story with the same characters. While I'm drawing that I'm writing a much longer story (I dare not use the phrase 'graphic novel' when I know it's just a comic). It is a much more serious story about a 1950s 'murder' mystery that happened around where I grew up. I took a few days to go back home and try and get some reference and understanding of the area. Much of the trip was about family history, too.

My dad and I wondered the woods and creeks for the better part of a day - I dubbed our quest 'Adventures on Turkey Creek', my mom helped me in the library combing through microfilm, my grandparents cleared me up on a few places that I wasn't quite sure about, Brent (Maze) helped me find a few places, Kristie's grandmother gave me some information on local history (in addition to what my parents already gave me). I am in debt to them all and I am sure I'll be asking for more help later. The research department at the Linn-Henley building in Birmingham helped too.

I present to you a small sampling of the many images taken last week. Nothing too fancy.

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