Back to Savannah.

I spent the last week in Alabama working on a bit of research for a book I'm going to do next year. (I'll post a bit of that pretty soon).

My trip ended abruptly when I had to come home to see about Kristie who found herself in a wreck. It was pretty rough, but she's fine. My little red truck was on the news.

I thank God Kristie was okay, and that Kevin was able to come take care of her while I made the six and a half hour drive. He also took these pictures. Special thank to Kevin and April.


MAQ911 said...

Man! That looks pretty bad! Glad to hear everyone is ok...so much for the Thundercat Mobile

duncan said...

Hey Mark. I guess I'll miss my truck. I'd rather miss my truck than miss Kristie.

MAQ911 said...

I agree, Kristie is way better than the truck. I finally found your blog HAHA! I can't believe you gave me so much crap for having a blog in class...you know what they say about payback!