Now what do I do?

You may not believe this, but I just finished my Survey of Sequential eLearning course. I submitted my last set of captions for the 546 images used in the course, an example of my own work, an image of myself trying to look professorish, and a suggested set of readings for Unit 3.

Of course there may be a few edits here and there in terms of typos and spelling errors, but nothing major. They have a proof-reader who will catch all that stuff. I've also requested that I get a final read-through before it goes up for official consideration. Other than that, I'm done. DONE!

So now what do I do? I should grade work from my Intro class, but I left it at work. I'll get it tomorrow sometime. Should I run around the neighborhood? Nah, I'll wait for Kristie to get home. I've been working on this class since the summer. I left all of my inking supplies at school, so I don't guess I'll be inking today. I'll get on that tomorrow.

I'm going to spend tonight finishing my research organization for my Moonshine Murders book. The 50 years worth of newspaper articles are a bit of a beast.

I've been watching the Twilight Zone all day and must admit that finishing this eLearning course feels a bit like a Twilight Zone episode. Rod Serlin's ominous voice: "Professor Duncan thought he finished with his onLine course, but an email that he would recieve shortly would bring his new found sense of optimism crashing down around him."

Students who take my online course will think I look like this:


delusion said...

Congrats! I hope Rod doesn't show up and ruin things for you.. "It's not fair! I had time now..!" But it's good to be getting that out of your way. Hopefully you can get more sleep now!

And man.. that picture.. is terror. It really doesn't look much like you at all.. and the god glow around your head? The online students will fear you...

duncan said...

That was the first episode I watched today, del. Spooky indeed.

That pic has been rejected by the eLearnists anywho. Oh well.

delusion said...

Bowahahahaha~ Freaky it is... guess I'm just psychic like that.

Hahaha I guess it's for the best. You should submit your little icon of you, then.

Anonymous said...

I would work much harder in lettering if you looked like that

Unknown said...

omg, it's john denver!