New banner and other things as well.

Oh, blogger - you're changing so much. I can't even figure out how to manage this mess of a weblog. I've thrown together a new banner - that's really the best I can do now. There's some other mysterious errors on the page somewhere (who knows). Blogger has some sort of fancy design mangager untility that scares me. I'm too used to butchering html to let it go. I'll get up the nerve some day. Maybe I should do some sort of fake test design blah blah blah.

Here's a cruddy four-page thing for my Grad Studio's class anthology (80s Cartoons is the theme). Mine of course is the worse of the bunch, granted I didn't have pressure of getting a grade for it. I could explain the idea behind it, but there is really no excuse for how sloppy it is.

As it turns out, the e-Learning folk didn't really go for the crazy photo, so I had to try again...

I've been making progress on my short Gobnobble story. I'll get a few shots sometime tomorrow maybe. I've been trying to take of some stuff around the house (as well as wrapping up school stuff). I guess I've still got some more scad stuff to do...


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