Still not enough sleep around here.

Kristie's been working hard on her ceramics stuff in preparation for her national TV debut. I've managed to pencil 6 pages in two days time. Tonight I've laid out the rest of the story. I didn't have a steady enough hand to ink, so I'll save that for tomorrow.

Kristie's been up until 4 the last few nights working on her stuff. I just stay up as best I can, I don't have the willpower to stay up like I used to.

I did manage to make my best batch of Welsh Rarebit ever tonight. Kristie even hate it. She responded with a round of cinnamon toast - a Duncan staple of late.

We're watching To Kill a Mocking Bird now. These people sound like they're from Georgia, not Alabama...

I tried to be nice to Kristie, but she made ugly faces at me. I guess I've learned my lesson.

Fluke is next weekend!


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