Heroes Con this Weekend!

I'm super busy getting ready for Heroes Con this weekend. I'm nervous about this workshop because I don't know how many people will show up or what sort of people will care to hear me speak.

If you are around Charlotte for the Con you should come by and see the SCAD table or even drop in on the Workshops. If you've already had any of these teachers before, I doubt any of the teachers will be covering anything in 1.5 hours that wasn't covered in the 50 hour SCAD course.

I'm doing Hand-Lettering and Typography for Comics
Tom is doing Basic Superhero Anatomy
Ray is doing Cartooning for Comics and Animation
John is doing Basic Maquette Making
Mark is doing Comic Script Essentials
Shawn is doing Composition and Design in Comics

Mike Getty drew this one (John Lowe inks):

The second poster here is drawn by Josh Dunbar, inked by Tom Lyle.

Finally this one is drawn by Ted "the fancy cook" Helard, inks by Lowe again.


Tom Lyle said...

David Allen-
The multi-character one is by Josh Dunbar. The solo Spidey one is by Ted Helard. Lowe inked Spidey on the Helard one. I inked Josh's on the
CinTiq digitally.

See you soon.


duncan said...

Thanks Tom!
They all look really good, don't they? I'm looking forward to this weekend!