Heroes report.

Here's a view of the SCAD table on Saturday. (Sean, Arf, Sean, Joe, & Shazz):
The star of the table was Tom. He organized the SCAD table at Heroes event.

Kristie took a few pictures during my workshop. I showed around 125 slides during the lecture portion of my presentation.

Some of the workshops on Saturday had as many as 60 attendees. I only had 25 show up for mine, but that's pretty good for a hand-lettering discussion early Sunday morning.

Then I did a digital-lettering demo (until my battery died) and then I showed them how to hand-letter their work.

I must say it was a pretty fun trip. Also present were many other SCAD students and faculty. Now I can get back to working on my own stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Your working style is intense. Methodical even. I admire and envy it.