A few Pages.

Here are a few out-of-order un-cleaned-up pages.
I know there are some problems (like the disappearing and reappearing collar on Dan).
We're in Alabama for a few days (I'm here fore a week) and I wanted to at least put something up here.

For anyone is Savannah who wants to send mini-comics to the San Diego Comic-Con can put a stack of them outside Trisha's office (Norris 1a) before the monday before the convention.


Isaac Klunk said...

Woah, am I to understand that you guys will sell our minicomics for us at San Diego?

I'm in Ohio, right now--can I mail some to Trish, or something?... :-9

The pages look real good. I love the look of cartoon characters in naturalistic environments. My favorite images are the ones where that's pushed (like the last panel on the 2nd page, or the 3rd panel on the 3rd).

unlazyBLOG said...

Hmm, Del will be going to San Diego too. Shes in Mentor, Ohio if Issac wants to drop them off to her or something? The cons really big so I don't know if she'll find you there or not. Oh wells.

The pages look great to me so far. I should get my but in gear and make some pages. Meh, maybe later.