School is already crushing me.

See. I've been working on Moonshine a little bit. I've been doing lots of other things. Like completely reworking the Alternative & Experimental Comics class. I'm really excited about this coming quarter. I've got lots of fun classes. Intro is always fun. Alt/Exp is looking good. Grad Studio will surely be fun. I've got a few surprises for everyone this go around...

I know it's time for school because I just spent the last few hours working on a slide show lecture for the Alternative class.

I've also been working on a secret project with my good buddy Scott. I've been spending a good bit of time getting used to working with a tablet.

My summer reading challenge is still underway. I had intended to reread the whole run of Cerebus. All 6000 pages plus any annotations, forwards, afterwards, etc. I'm half-way through The Latter Days (seen on my bed above), which is the next to last book. The end is in sight. If you've ever read it all, you know it's no small feat. After Cerebus I'm going to dive into Madman Gargantua (which I finally received after waiting 8 months for shipping delays - I ordered it for Christmas with gift money). You may also notice that I still sleep on pillowcases that feature He-Man and Mickey Mouse. I've had then since I was four. I will never let them go. Never.

Kristie's been working herself to death for her show. More on her site here.


Julie said...

Kristie's work looks beautiful!!! I can't wait to see it!! And Moonshine's lookin' good too - you guys are such an inspiration :)

Joe Bevill said...

I'm pretty hype about the alt/exp class. Should be a really good quarter.

How many pages into the moonshine story are you now?

Jon Jones said...

Thank you much for the words of encouragement Daddy D. Like the moonshine pages and the secret projects' got me all curious now. Tell the misses I like the pieces hanging on the wall in the last photo. Are they done completely in fabric?

Isaac Klunk said...

School is crushing you? Tell me about it. I've got this crazy professor that's giving us like like, a project a week; at least one of them 5 pages or more. What a nut, right?

duncan said...

Thanks you guys. I'm not as far along as I would like. I'm somewhere in the 20s I think (without an official count). My last esimation put the story at over 200 pages. I guess I only need 10 more summers.

I think Alt/Exp is going to be fun once we get past the hole in the ceiling that lets the rain in.

A project a week is rough. Every other week, that sounds about right... I'd rather be drawing projects that doing 5 years worth of someone elses paperwork in two months.

Kristie's work is indeed all fabric. Well, there's stitching and buttons too.

Jon Jones said...

I like toast. Mmmm toast.