Where's Mr. David?

So I've been busy with scad stuff lately. That's my excuse for doing so little of my own work.

Kristie and I traveled to West Virgina last weekend. It was good to see Brent and Sabrina. We spend the whole time hanging Kristie's show. It took a while to get it up and finished.

She'll have it all up on her website soon, but for now you can see more about it on her blog:

While there we drove to Marshall of "We are Marshall" fame where Sabrina works as a pregnant research librarian. This is the statue right outside the library:

I managed to squeeze about 20 minutes into this burrito drawing for Mr. Jon Jones' The Daily Burrito. Last week was Harry Potter Characters, so I felt inclined to give him a Neville Longbottom (Longburrito). See other burritos at his website (link above). I didn't even bother to fix the halo in the shadow... How lazy.

This past weekend saw the first of the SEQA Graduate Student Workshop. Here's Geoff sharing his approach to marketing and selling your work.

This friday is, among other things, when Mia presents her Storytelling, Scripting & THumbnailing process. After her, Fish show us the secrets of Adobe Illustrator comics. Everyone should come to see it. Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

What? WV? But no one goes there!

What town was that gallery opening in?

duncan said...

Kristie's going back up there this coming weekend to take the show down and bring it back home. It was in Institute, WV. West Virginia State University gallery.