The Long Over-Due Update.

The Long Over-Due Update.

We're already HALF WAY through this quarter. I suppose this web log is used to excuses such as
I'm busy" and "I've got lots of paperwork to do." So I'll spare it the fuss.

Here's what' happened of late.

The Five Year Program Review that destroyed my last quarter bled over into this one. After doing all of the final revisions and producing 4 copies of the HUGE document (it must have been about 2 inches thick), we were host to two outside reviewers. Joey Cacalieri and R. Kikuo Johnson were delightful guests and brought a great deal of insight, experience and interest to their roles in our self-analysis. It was a joy to talk comics history, present and future with them both. I also enjoyed the meals that SCAD so kindly let me share in. Mmmm.

We're in the process of revising BFA Assessment Rubrics (a cross that it seems the other professors in the department are glad that I'm willing to bear). I'm thankful that I'm in a department where so many people are willing to help out with the greater cause of the department - not every department at SCAD is as friendly as ours.

We're planning a graduate thesis exhibition, which should prove to be an experience for all involved. I'm glad to be Graduate Coordinator this quarter - there's such a great bunch of kids in our department.

The silk-screen setup at Norris seems to be working alrught. It's the most ghetto setup I've ever seen, but the students who are into it are doing as well as can be expected given the facilities. The students who don't like trying new things give up before they even begin - but that's to be expected. I believe that next time I offer the course I'll make Intro to Printmaking a required course (for a variety of reason too long to list here).

Jen and Kevin have proven to be the best TA's ever. Kevin has been like a trusty side-kick for this whole Mini-Comics endeavor, and he's putting in as many hours into as I am - which is ridiculous. And I would honestly pay serious money each quarter to have Jen help me with Intro to Sequential Art. She's smart, quick and keeps the class on point in ways that I haven't been able to since I've taken on so many extra roles in the department. It has a lot to do with the difficulties this Quarter has served up. Mini-Comics is at once my favorite class that I've ever taught in my life, and the most difficult class. The demos are taxing (some of this kids care, some don't) and time consuming. I'm asking alot from the students, but most are really putting a good effort into things and are going to walk away from the course with a serious fist-full of really cool mini comics that they have made (as well as cool comics from each other).

On a related note: The Zine Fair is this Friday at the River Club. My class should be there in full force and I can't wait to go. Tell all your friends! Go!

I know there's lots of other SCAD junk I've been doing, but I either don't want to think about it or have chosen to block it out of my immediate memory. Here are some things that I have done:

I'm still working on my book (a very little bit at a time... Very little bit):

I put a new computer desk in my office and Kristie and I put shelves in the corner and the closet. I've put a bunch of toys out for myself to look at I guess.

I've also cleared a shelf by my drawing desk for my old Smurfs. The Johan and Peewee are my favorite ones. Or maybe Azrael and Gargamel. Note the Paper Moon poster on the wall behind...

Here's a little mini-comic for the Mini-Comics class exhange folio. Everyone chose an "ology" and created a 6-page mini comic (edition of 16):

I'll put images of the whole portfolio when it's all together.

I also cut my hair (Kristie helped a little). It's shorter than it's been since... high school probably. I'm making an effort to come to terms with the lengthening of my forehead.


Jon Jones said...

yayy, Daddy D is still alive!. Liking the moonshine stuff and the mini-comic. Sorry the class is going kind of shitty though.

BTW, love the haircut and checkout today's DB for a (hopefully) familiar face!


Isaac Klunk said...

Your new hair looks good and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise!

duncan said...

Hey Jon. A bearded burrito is not something that i often enjoy seeing, but I don't mind that one at all.

Isaac. As long as you approve, I shall never question my hair length choice...

Anonymous said...

I wish experimental comics had been more fun...then I would've been super badass TA-man...but alas, all we did was eat tacos and such...hehehe

duncan said...

Now don't knock the tacos. You also had some pancake panels.

You will also be done with your thesis long before Burkhalter as any idea what's going on.

Jon Jones said...

hey Daddy D, quick question: How did you get your comics displayed on the right side, what with the pictures and such. I'm thinking about converting fully to my blog and leaving complex web updates behind

Anonymous said...

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