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Man day alive. I can’t believe that this website is still here. There’s been a great deal going on here in david allan duncan land.

I’ve been named the next chair of the Sequential Art Department here at SCAD. Somehow I’m going to do it even though I told everyone that I never want to do, I don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, I hate paperwork, etc. So that’s happening.

The Sequential Art department was fortunate enough to have Brian Ralph come visit and do a guest lecture. It was a blast even though so many kids were at the job fair instead (hard to blame them). Brian was great with the students and I hope that we'll be seeing him again soon. Here I am introducing him as best I could - photo by Burkhalter.

We got to travel home to Alabama to see my Grandparents.
Here's one of a few pics I took on the trip home. It's some backroad close to my parents house.

I’ve decided to serialize the Moonshine Murders as a series of mini-comics.

I went to Fluke in Athens (either my 3rd or 4th time). It was a good time. Kristie came this time to hang out with her friend Amanda. It’s always cool to see people: Eleanor, Drew, Joey Weiser, Dean Trippe, Schweizer, Hunter… and of course the home team was there in full force: Isaac, Lynnette, Bullet, Greenstone, Falynn Coleman, Sorese, Jarrett, Burkhalter, Kathy, Tyler, Pranas, Mary, Jon, Brett, Josh, Matt, Julie, Sweetwater, Heck, I’m sure I’ve missed someone—the point is that there were lots of folk there. I managed to not take pictures, but there are lots of other people who have cool photo sets from Fluke that approximate what I would have come up with.

I resolve to start taking more pictures.

I had the first ‘chapter’ of the Moonshine story at Fluke. I’ll admit that the choice of the term ‘chapter’ indicated a false sense of order since I’m not really drawing the book in the order that I intend for its final form—but I’m going to put these mini-comics out in the order that I draw them. How about that, huh? Whatever. I also ran a new cover on the Rural Invasion mini. I've got a few of those two plus the Nephology book left over if anyone wants one. Moonshine-3, Rural-2, Nephology-1. plus postage.

I’ll be running the Mini-Comics class in Atlanta this summer. Kristie and I will be living large in the SCAD-ATL dorm. I should make up a poster to send down there.

I've also been putting a thesis exhibition together of the Graduating MFA students. It's going to be great show, but I'll be glad once it's up.

I suppose I should get back to all the cruddy paperwork I have to do instead of drawing or enjoying my life in any way. Ever.


Isaac Klunk said...

"Heck, I’m sure I’ve missed someone"

yes that would be ME


duncan said...

Poor Isaac. I also had to add Lynnette... I'm sure there's still more...

Isaac Klunk said...

Thanks :)

And P.S., my congratulations on the promotion! Now, does this mean you can fire John Lowe if he won't lick your boot?...

Jon Jones said...

Oh shizzles, Daddy D's gonna be in the ATL for the hot month!! Seriously though, let me know when your up here and the wife's away so I can, you know. . .you know.

Jamie Adams said...


How are you doing? I haven't been in touch in ages...but it seems you are doing well at SCAD. Sabrina and I are living in Pittsburgh, and I am doing some curatorial work at Society for Contemporary Craft. Anyway, send me an email somtime: jamieadams78@gmail.com. I would love to catch up...I have some questions about SCAD (I have an interview for a position there).

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