More from Heroes.

As part of my workshop at Heroes Con I wrote up a book about making mini-comics that I gave out after the demos/lecture/ect.
I have been meaning to put a book like this together for a while. I always feel bad giving out other people's handouts. There's a great deal of additions I want to make (it's 16 pages right now, and I'm sure I can get it up to 24 without much fluff). Once I've got it exactly as I want it, I'll post it on here. Until you'll have to get one from me in-person for a version 1.0 edition.

Here are some photos from my Mini-Comics workshop in Charlotte. I guess it was about an hour and a half long. Maybe there were close to 30 people there. A few more than the Hand-Lettering talk later year. Special thanks to Kevin Burkhalter for taking them (and sending them to me). I'm not excited about the flash--I never look good anyway. You have to imagine that the lights were dimmer and the slides were clearer.

Special thanks to the students and other faculty who helped man the table--I think we did a great job ths year. SCAD Faculty present at Heroes: John Larison, Tom Lyle, myself, Nolan Woodard, Shawn Crystal (who had his own table) and Roy Richardson (who also had his own table). It would be too much to list all of the students there. Kevin, Jarrett, Nat, Getty, and Andy Black had their own table. A very special thanks to the Savannah and Atlanta students who helped work the table. Shazzba and Carl were awesome. Thanks a bunch. It was also great having Joe at the table this year to answer admissions questions.

As always it was cool to see people. Chris Schweizer had a lovely setup next to Dean Trippe (who is a proud new father!). Managed to run into Brian Ralph at every possible occasion--maybe he'll get a chance to come back to Savannah sometime soon. Kazamir was there. Dave Crosland & Jim Mafood. Roger Landridge. Alec Longstreth & Ben Towle.

It was great meeting Matt Weigle-- who is likely my favorite mini-comics artist!

Too many cool people to list. It was absolutely lovely show this year.

I had a blast judging the quick-draw contest every day. Although I felt bad that many of the kids would come up to Tom (who is always the star of the SCAD table) to ask them why they didn't win. Special thanks to Heroes for the indy-island t-shirt!

And of course it was fun hanging out with Larison, Tom, Jarrett, Kevin, Nat, Andy, and Getty. And it was no surprize that Roger Landridge is a great dancer (at least in tandem with Burkhalter).

We're going to Alabama for the 4th. It's certainly not because we can afford it.

Sometime next week I hope to update the Links over there to the right. What a beast that will be.


Anonymous said...

you should totally put http://ghostcarpress.com up there in the links, hint hint.

Man, I should have gone to Heroes this year!

d. morris said...

Duncan, you want me to send you some of the photos that I took from the show? I have Kaz getting strangled by Vader!

Ransoms My Middle Name said...

I'll never forget our night together when your wife ran off with another man....