So I'm not doing as good a job on this blog as I thought I would. My class keeps be busy and I spent two weeks plugging away at Moonshine chapter 2 so I could have it for San Diego, but I didn't finish. There was no way with all the other stuff that came up. I'll have it for SPX in October--Maybe even a 3rd issue. Surely a 3rd issue by APE in November.

While back in Alabama for the fourth of July we went down to Morris Ave. to visit the Peanut Depot. Mmm. We had to kill time since the Birmingham Public Library decided to close on the day I had planned on getting some more research finished up.

Also while back home My dad and I put together an awesome book-press using some hardware he had developed over the last few months.

Once back in Savannah I had to get back to the Moonshine Murders book. It had been long enough since I inked a page that I my lettering/hatching pens were all dried up. These Koh-I-Nor pens can be a pain to clean, but for even lines they are the best. I don't like lettering with anything else.

We also took a day to help Joel paint his boat.

Kristie helped me when I printed up some more Moonshine chapter 1 books for San Diego Comic-Con. I didn't have this book for the show last year, so I don't feel bad about spreading around a book that seems a little old to me. I had this book for Fluke in April. I also have the little mini that I did for the mini-comics class exchange: Nephology. Here's the book press in action mashing down some Moonshine mini-comics. That's 50 books.

So now I'm in San Diego. There's a huge Castle Grayskull (an integral part of my childhood).

I was also able to attend a Todd Klein panel discussion.

Chip Kidd talked about his new bat-manga book.

If I don't get into the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends panel discussion I will be so sad. I've been unable to get in for the past two years. It's always packed out before I can get in line.

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