SPX report

As always once the quarter begins I never get around to putting anything on this site. I jsut got back from SPX in bethesda, MD. It was a fun show--lots of folks there. I had 8 of my book there.

Mike and I were fortunate enough to have a table way in the back that was hard to get to.

Mike sniffs the glue stick for the camera.

Next month I'm off to APE for a bit of the same!

On Friday before the show we took the metro to Washington DC to poke around.

We were really there to go to the Muppet Exhibition at the Smithsonian. It wasn't the best exhibition ever--in fact it was a bit disapointing--but they did show the La Choy dragon commerical, which was worth the trip.

Here's the Washington monument. You can't miss it.

I think the World War II memorial was the most striking.

And of course I had to go see Lincoln.

The Korean Memorial was amazing as well.

We also made our way to the Air and Space Museum.

The best museum that we went to was the International Spy Mueseum.
Everyone likes it but Mr. Sorese.

Sweetwater found a friend in Washington:

Soon I'm going to try and re-do this site to include my mini-comics and other stuff.


Anonymous said...

Sounds sweet....I need to go to SPX next year....

From what I hear, the puppet museum in Atlanta is thing to go to about puppets/muppets...My friend Brando and Heidi Arnold (Does the Dark Crystal manga) went when they had a one day lecture by Brian henson. They got to meet him and mentioned that Heidi drew the manga and he and the lady he was with were like "WHOA! REALLY! WE LOVE THAT COMIC!" ....talk about mind blowing...

Shawn Crystal said...

Looks like a blast D!