It's me again, weblog.

Today's post will be scattered at best.

It's been a week since I've been back from San Diego. (This should tell you how long it's been since I started writing this since now it's three weeks since I left for San Diego). Things are going slower (on my book) than I want them to, but that's always the case. I don't have the heart for much of anything lately. San Diego destroyed whatever love for life I think I might have had. I did get to see some cool stuff and meet cool people, but it was much more of hassle to get work done this year than previous years. And as always I find some really fun stuff. I would list it here, but I don't have it in me anymore. Maybe sometime later--not that it's important at all.

I think that my digital camera gets a little worse with each picture that I take. We'll be in the market for a new one very soon. Dear Santa...

I've been working a good bit on Moonshine pages. I'm not satisfied with the way I write dialog--but it wouldn't be that big of a hassle to change language later. I'd rather just keep on trying to turn out pages rather than get hung up in the writing dialog stage.
2 pages still at the rough stage--then 8 pages to ink. These have been some fairly involved pages for me. I'm not really know for my elaborate crowded party sequences.

I'm now the official chair of the sequential art department here at scad. I suddenly have a great deal of managing that i must do. My email has increased to 60+ a day, which I'm sure will grow once the Fall quarter begins.I've got just a month to get ready for school. I'm really excited about the Hand-Lettering class!

Comics Art Forum is shaping up nicely. We're doing an all alumni forum this year, which is really cool. SCAD ATL is doing their own publishers forum, which is awesome--the more stuff we have the better.

We're also lining up some other visitors for the school year which would be great.

I'm up to almost 39,000 songs in my itunes. My summer goal is still 40,000--but my efforts have slowed greatly. I'm also in the process of transferring our old vhs tapes to DVD--focusing on those that are difficult to find.

I've made the leap to Blackberry, which seems to be working nicely. Mobile email use and calendar syncing has been lovely. SCAD uses the at&t wireless network--which is horrible. I don't have much of a signal at home or at work. I thought Verizon had bad service out here, but I'm starting to realize that compared to other phone companies, it's not so bad.

lots of rain here in Savannah the last few days. Kinda nice.
You might wonder why is that table overturned. We'll I'll tell you. We've recently had a sudden infestation of black widow spiders. the first two were discovered (along with 16 egg sacks) in the grill (to the left). I've since found two under that table, one on our back door, one on the front porch. Needless to say I've gone on a massive spider killing spree--spraying and mashing my way all around the house. Next year we won't be skipping the pest control visit.

In addition to our recent deadly pest infestation, We've had to have major work on our refrigerator (after losing a fridge/freezer full of recently bought foods). Our A/C is also acting a bit funny, so I hope it doesn't conk out.

We're putting backpacks together for elementary students at the Savannah Union Mission. It's almost time for school to start back for these kids, and many of them aren't able to get the supplies they need. We're able to put all of this together for around $20-$25. If you'd like to help, please let me know. We've gotten 4 together so far, but we hope to have 30 in the next couple weeks. If you want a list of supplies let me know--you can put the backpack together and take it to the mission, or we can take your donation and get all of the supplies ready for you.

And now a bit of left-over ComicCon junk:

I love this shirt from Fish. I was proud to sport such a lovely Space Corn around the ComicCon.

Here's John Lowe (and a bit of Durwin Talon) at the TwoMorrows panel:

Jeremy Mullins and I spoke to a bunch of kids at the portfolio review area. Ran into Jenn! I miss Jenn. Jenn come back!

Craig McKracken from the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends panel. I can't believe that this is the last season...

There's Adriane Tomine:

This is from the Webcomics Panel at SDCC:
Dave Kellett (Sheldon) and Scott Kurtz (PVP)--the two to our left--will be coming down to Savannah in the Fall to meet with classes and give a lecture at Trustees. It should be awesome.

This is from the educators panel:
There's James Sturm from CCS, and there's a fellow from SVA, but the rest I have no idea. I wasn't really impress by what any of them had to say. Interesting, but not impressive. The SVA guy was really overbearing.

To end on a happy note: I've recently found where to buy Otter Pops in Savannah! I thought they weren't around here. Exciting I'll say!


Anonymous said...

sounds like you is doing well. you would be the only person that I know with a bigger iTunes library. you would have a cooler library than me, of course.

I wish I could've gone to SDCC this year, but money's been tight. good luck on the moonshine stuff, and the upcoming stuff with SCAD, mr. dean.

if you're still in town (Atlanta) on Aug 27, I'll be playing with my band at Smith's Olde Bar on Piedmont at 9 PM.

you're my hero.

Anonymous said...

Did you not get to hear Chip Kidd talk about Bat-Manga? It was pretty fantastic, and the book's due in September.

I've read some recent comics-related nonfiction this summer that you may or may not have gotten to yet, David Hadju's "The 10 Cent Plague" and Gerald Jones's "Men of Tomorrow."

I think "Men of Tomorrow" in particular would make for good recommended reading for your Survey class.

duncan said...

Mr B. Clark. I'd love to hear you and your band, but my ATL plans for summer never worked out--I'm still stuck here in Savannah (booo). Any John Denver on the set list?

duncan said...

Hey Andy,
I do like Men of Tomorrow, but I haven't got the 10-cent Plague yet. It's on my wish list though.

I did see Kidd talk (see my post from 7/25/08). I think the back of your head is in the picture (lower right corner).

Isaac Klunk said...

I love that picture of you in Fish's t-shirt. You totally look like you're about to step into the ring and deliver the people's elbow to Hollywood Hogan's face

TheDeafGuy said...

looks like you've been busy...

Anonymous said...

Yo man, I know how much San Diego crushed the the funny-book spirit. @#!# Holywood and industry crap.

But fear not, I suspect that the SPX scene will invigorate the comic book love man. Do not despair captain, my captain!

– Sweetwater

P.S. My iTunes is at 7,398

Anonymous said...

Hollywood not Holywood. . .ungh.

Anonymous said...

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