Friday Recap...

Yesterday (friday) wasn't very eventful. John Lowe came in around 1pm. We got Ray off to his flight on time. Tried to get some other folk for Comics Art Forum. I had to move my stuff to a new hotel--so that was fun.

After the show John and I took a nap at the hotel. We went back out to the Hyatt--the place to be--just long enough for John to ditch me for a party that I would have thought I would have been invited to.

I officially hate this.

Today I'm not even sure what sort of programming I'll go to. I'm sure there's something that I'll want to go to. Saturday's are always so crowded though.

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Andy Hirsch said...

Yikes, that bad, huh? Guess I'm not missing much...net buzz makes it sound like even more movies and games than ever this year.
What did they have to say at the College Comics panel?