TOKYO 09 - Day 01

My feet are so tired from yesterday--we walked forever, and you know that I'm not in shape at all.

Ray on the computer in the morning (that's Andrea on Scype, there):

Breakfast aftermath (I love that cereal--Fruits Granora, they call it):

After getting Pasmo cards for all the students and artists (almost 50) and checking on the conference center rooms, we went to Nakano:
My camera is crazy, see:

The we went to Akihabara:

I'll have to remember the name of where we had a late lunch...
I had a burger with egg and some sort of gravy and fries with cheese, tuna salad, corn and mayonnaise. You have to understand the when ordering food, I'm mostly just pointing at something and hoping that it's not too gross. I really had no idea that was tuna salad. Who puts corn on their fries? Maybe this is why I weigh almost 25 more pounds than I did when I was here 2 years ago.

Here's what was on TV this morning:

Here we are in Nakano:

And a bit oc Akihabra.

I'll get better at the video thing...

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ZombiePencil said...

Gah, You make me jealous with your Japan trip.

-Big Josh