TOKYO 09 - Day 02

Here' what drink machines look like:

Here's me and Ray.

Here's me and Jacques:

And of course there's Dove:

We took the train to the airport to pick up visiting artist and students. It's a little over an hour to get there by train.

Ray films the train:

Here's what it's like when you have to visit the restroom:

Lot's of buttons that make things squirt at your back-end:

Baby Warnings (if you need to change your baby in the bathroom):

More warnings:

We sent the kids to their rooms after we got back. We brought them back to Ginza (where we're staying) by bus. It's about and hour and a half... I think.

Stan Sakai taking pictures before dinner:

Fancy dinner with the guest artists:

Where we had fancy dinner:

Tokyo Station:

Train ride:

Here were are (most of us) at the airport... Loud Americans.

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Andrea Goto said...

Great stuff! Good to "see" you guys. With all of those options, I would never come out of the bathroom.

Enjoyed watching your TV--but that was the only video with sound. Is it me screwing up or you? I need voices for the full effect :).

Don't get hurt.