TOKYO 09 - Day 03

This was our first day to run around with the students. It's Sunday, so our conference rooms aren't booked until Monday. Today we go Meiji Shrine! Here we are going down to the subway (that's Stan looking back):

Before we enter into the shrine, we have another heart-to-heart with the students.

Here's one of the many entry archways:

Once into the shrine (after a little walk through some nice nature-y stuff), we come upon a traditional Shinto wedding. There's some of the kids posing while they're dressed up so nice:

Wedding processional:

Here's another kid posing:

Here's Jason and I (Joe Cocker and Phil Collins):

This fellow rakes the leaves into lovely piles:

Bamboo garden:

There's an archery dojo:

Tokyo has the cutest little trucks:

Jason's been acting like a fancy photographer:

We make our way back to the tea room/garden:

Fishes in the pond:

Lunch at the Wendys in Harujuku with Ray, Dove, Kyle, Jason, and Bernard...

Graffiti in Harajuku:

Ray and I wandered around somewhere... I forget where:

There was some bridge with lots of cool characters painted underneath it. Here's Atom (Astro Boy)

Tomorrow we're in the conferences room, then running around some more. In the rain perhaps!

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