Tokyo Day 04 - Ueno Park, National Museum.

On our morning walk around, Dove and I found this lovely (un open) pharmacy (apothecary):

Ray talks to the Sequential Art students outside the hotel, preparing them for our trip today:

Ray, Kazu and Amy walking through Ueno Park:

Ueno Park:

Kazu and Amy have their photo taken by their friends (Phil Craven in the light grey shirt):

More park:

Group shot of whole SCAD group (that's me in the back):

Dove drew this drunk guy and he was loving it (Logan shows the comparison while Dove laughs):

The line to get into the National Museum. It's was over an hour's wait. No photos allowed inside.

From the tea garden behind the museum. Today was the last day it's open this year (until next spring):

A boy reading manga in the museum shop:

Just a couple sketches today. I'll get more productive as we have more time...

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