Tokyo Day 11 - Scavenger Hunt, Harajuku, Meiji, Pizza, Shinjuku

The students spent the morning around on a scavenger hunt that took them sketching all over Tokyo in 4 groups. The first group to make it to Meiji Shrine (see Tokyo Day 02) won dinner.

We walked around Harajuku while we waited for the students.

Dove and Ray are such kidders.

There were plenty of Shinto Weddings going on in the shrine, so in addition to the wonderful processions that kept making their way through the area, you could also see stray kids dressed to the t.

Dove found sunglasses and a jacket in a used clothing store.

Here's the last group to come in. Naaman, Sara(h?), Falynn, Disney, Tamara (maybe Tamara isn't her name... I keep calling her that, but I might be wrong), Pyar and Emma.

Naaman and I were Fool Cooly shirt buddies.

The Meiji Museum.

Next to the Museum there was an zen yumi class that was really nice to see.

Every Sunday on the bridge from Harajuku to Meiji the local youth dress in cos-play and j-rock attire. It's an interesting sight to see.

Dinner for the winning group.

Adterwords a few of walked to a Tintin shop that Dove found down a little alley.

Then we made our way to Shinjuku to poke around for a big bookstore.

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