Tokyo Day 05 - Mitaka, Ghibli, Nakano

Today was the first full week of the Japan trip, and the artists began their workshops today. Phil Craven, Kazu Kibuishi and Amy Kim Ganter spoke to the attentive group of students this morning. Here's Amy:

After the workshops we took a long trip to Mitaka. The kids were anxious to take advantage of the drawing time on the subway:
Here's Brett, Tamara, Rashad, and a blurry Kevin:

Wandering around a rainy Mitaka Falynn fixes her hair:

After a nice little walk and a stroll through a cool park we came to the entrance to the Ghibli Museum:

Note the giant robot on the museum roof behind Ray and Kazu:

We couldn't take pictures inside, but I snapped this one from the top floor looking down:

After Mitaka, we traveled back to Nakano, this time with the students:

We were all so tired. Here's a sleepy Dove on the subway:

Naaman, Jason (little Jason - there's three on this trip), and Kate (who's taken on the local custom of napping on this train:

Tomorrow moring it's the fish market (at 4:30 am)... so I must go sleepy now.

Keep checking Jason Mauer's blog for video and a more elaborate narrative.

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